WALTER  Keel  Coolers

For more than 65 years, Walter Keel Coolers have proven to be the most dependable, trouble-free and economical form of marine engine cooling;  their rugged design and longevity are demonstrated through decades of  service on US Navy vessels , US Coast Guard vessels, workboats, fishing boats, ferry boats, tug boats and pleasure yachts throughout the world.





Closed circuit  cooling extends the life of propulsion, generator and auxiliary marine engines -- and minimizes downtime -- by eliminating the possibility of salt, silt and debris in the engine jackets.   


Unlike inboard heat exchangers, Walter Keel Coolers require no seawater inside the hull  -- preventing the headaches of clogged sea strainers and raw water pump failures, while eliminating the need to drain the cooling system in freezing temperatures. 



Proper cooling protects your engine investment and allows the engine to run more efficiently, saving on fuel and maintenance.


Walter Keel Coolers are available in 3 models & hundreds of sizes to suit every application from 10 horsepower auxiliary engines to 5,000+ horsepower propulsion engines!  



End Models

Because they only have one thru-hull fitting, WALTER "End Model" Keel Coolers make installation simple and fast and greatly reduces inboard plumbing.  It's no surprise that boatbuilders and marinas prefer WALTER "End Model" Keel Coolers.


The single thru-hull fitting, located at only one end of the cooler, contains both the inlet and the outlet water connections.   Available in 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 tube configurations; the 12 and 16 tube coolers consist of a "double stack" to provide the maximum amount of cooling in the shortest assembly possible.





Double Stem Models

The most economical Walter Keel Cooler, "Double Stem" Models have two thru-hull fittings, one at each end of the cooler.  The thru-hull fittings have standard male pipe threads equal to the keel cooler size number for easy connection with standard pipe fittings.  Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 tube configurations;   the 12 and 16 tube coolers consist of a "double stack" to provide the maximum amount of heat exchange in the shortest assembly possible.






Walter Turbo Tube - Maximum Heat Exchange and Strength

PREMIUM Walter Turbo Tube is made of cupronickel for the perfect combination of maximum heat exchange, maximum strength and maximum corrosion resistance.   Turbo Tube has spiral grooves on the outer wall and ridges on the inner wall to continually propel and swirl the coolant against the inside tube wall.  This turbulating action enables Walter Turbo Tube to exchange much more heat than smooth rectangular or round tubes in which most of the coolant flows through the center of the tube without contacting the inner tube wall.   Because Walter Turbo Tube is so efficient, a much more compact Walter Keel Cooler can be used.




Streamlined, Foul-Proof Design

Walter Keel Coolers  are streamlined, unlike bulky box-type coolers which can create drag.  No recessing of Walter Keel Coolers  is required (95% of installations are mounted flush with hull), saving installation time and expense.  Due to the space between the hull and the round tube surface, seawater circulates between the round tubes, continuously washing debris away from the cooling surfaces -- unlike coolers with rectangular tubes, there is no place for mud or debris to become lodged.


Demountable Design

The unique DEMOUNTABLE design enables Walter Keel Coolers to be removed from the hull in minutes for hull maintenance, without disturbing inboard plumbing since the thru-hull fitting can be left in place on the hull.   A vessel with spare Turbo Tubes aboard can quickly get back into operation should the keel cooler become damaged.  


No Brazed Joints to Crack and Leak

Walter Keel Coolers are engineered with FLEXIBLE double o-ring aircraft-type pressure seals which have proven reliable for decades in tens of thousands of installations, including US Coast Guard  and US Navy vessels.  This flexible design eliminates the problem of brazed joints cracking in heavy seas as the hull flexes or during a hull impact (as with a tug boat or pushboat).   Walter Turbo Tubes can accommodate moderate hull curvatures.


Computer-Aided Engineering

Computer-aided recommendations combined with over 60 years of experience means accurate keel cooler sizings based on the actual operating characteristics of the engine and vessel.  Walter Keel Coolers have proven RELIABLE on all types of vessels including  US Coast Guard vessels, US Navy vessels, commercial fishing boats, tugboats, pushboats, large pleasure yachts, and even small sailboats.


In Stock for Immediate Shipment

Walter Machine stocks hundreds of keel coolers, most available for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT.


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